There are many trendy shoppers who may not have had the pleasure of visiting some of the amazing consignment shops like Cida’s that specialize in beautiful high end women’s designer clothes. For those who haven’t been able to stop by our women’s consignment shop Orlando, it’s understandable to ask what would make our shop so special. But those shoppers who have visited already know the answer to this question and are reminded of it with every visit they make. Here are just a few things that make our shop such a special, fashionable, and inspiring place to visit.

Women's Consignment Orlando


1)     High-End is in. Most fashionistas are noticing that the classic high end designer look is back in. Those trying to achieve this designer look may find they’re spending a small fortune on brand new, yet classic-looking pieces. With our women’s consignment shop Orlando, it’s easy to achieve the high-end designer look with truly classic pieces, often times for a less outrageous price tag.

2)     One of a kind pieces. Isn’t it the worst to walk into a party and find that another attendee is wearing the exact same dress or shoes? By shopping at Cida’s Consignment shop, our customers eliminate that embarrassing experience. Our pieces aren’t currently being mass produced and sold in many major retail stores so you won’t find them around town on many other people. Side note: This also means that if you see something you like at Cida’s, you better snatch it up right away. If it’s sold the next time you come in, chances are we won’t be getting another in.

3)     Unique experience. We believe shopping should be a fun experience that’s enjoyable and allows you to make long-lasting memories. That’s why at Cida’s women’s consignment shop Orlando, we cater to our clients. Our comfortable boutique-feel allows us to focus on you, the customer, and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Just like you, we get excited about fashion, and we’re always ready to show off new pieces we just got in or share our expertise on how to style certain trends.

If you’re the type of shopper who’s always looking for an exclusive or distinct piece to add to your collection, Cida’s Consignment shop should be the first stop on your next shopping trip. Stop by our shop to learn firsthand just what’s so special about this women’s consignment shop Orlando.

For directions or contact information, click here or call 407-644-5635.

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